Today’s designer thinks beyond the needs of today, and considers the how the structure might impact future generations. Precast concrete offers many opportunities for construct projects that are durable, beautiful, and economical. Here are some resources to aid in designing a sustainable precast project.

The International Green Construction Code (IgCC)

IgCC will zero in on predicting and measuring building performance. IgCC's focus on energy efficiency, 60 year building life, and maintainability all play to precast concrete's strengths. You need to learn about this revolutionary new code.


Get the answers to frequently asked questions about precast and how it works in sustainable projects.

Designer's Notebook - Sustainability Full Series (1.0mb PDF File)

This series of brochures are the “Cliffs’ Notes” to understanding architectural precast design.

Designer's Notebook - Energy Conservation (5.3 mb PDF File)

This series of brochures are the “Cliffs’ Notes” to understanding architectural insulated precast panel design.

Achieving Sustainability with Precast Concrete (843.2 kb PDF File)

PCI Journal Article on Sustainability by Martha VanGeem, PE, LEED AP.

Precast and the Green Movement (Flash Video)

Talks to precasters, contractors and architects who have worked with precast on successful green projects.

Table on LEED Points (469.3 kb PDF File)

This table shows how precast has contributed to LEED points on various projects.

Solar Reflectance of Concretes for LEED Sustainable Sites Credit: Heat Island Effect

Description: This 94-page report presents the results of solar reflectance testing on 135 concrete specimens from 45 concrete mixes, representing a broad range of concrete mix designs. The purpose of this testing is to determine which combinations of concrete constituents will meet the solar reflectance index requirements in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for New Construction (LEED-NC) Sustainable Sites credit for reducing the heat island effect.