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Approval Process
(25.8 KB PDF File)
Samples and mock-ups: How the architect selects color and texture for architectural precast concrete.
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By the Numbers
(12.5 KB PDF File)
Tips on how to obtain the best estimate for your next architectural precast concrete project.
tech_by the numbers.pdf
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(27.4 KB PDF File)
Insight into how colors are incorporated into architectural precast concrete panels.
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Making the Connection
(18.2 KB PDF File)
Practical suggestions for designing economical and practical connections for architectural precast panels.
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Joint Sealant
(20.7 KB PDF File)
Answers to your questions regarding: How to select one particular sealant over another? Do silicones outperform urethanes?
tech_joint sealant.pdf
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Roll with It
(31.0 KB PDF File)
A summary of the design responsibilities of each of the team members involved in an architectural precast concrete project.
tech_role with it.pdf
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The Skinny on Thin Brick
(31.4 KB PDF File)
How to design brick-clad structures that are efficient, cost-effective, structurally sound and weather tight.
tech_skinny brick.pdf